About Us

Have you ever wanted to purchase an item, but it would be too dificult to attain? Was there a disadvantage due to location or shipping rates? Was it just unimaginable to get something from around the world? Well, now you can. Introducing Everest World Market, a digital market where we source authentic products from around the world, for you. Our products are just a couple clicks away. We can get you what you'd like conveniently.


Here at Everest World Market, we believe that the communities you buy from should not be exploited. Big corporations take advantage of the employees, but here at Everest World Market, that is not acceptable. Our products are authentically made, and sustainably shipped. We love our world, and we will take care of it. Everest World Market takes 5% of profits made, and go directly to charities where we source our authentic products. Do better. Feel better. Shop at Everest World Market.