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Food/Drink: soda, candy, mochi, ramen, shaped fruits, watermelon, chestnuts, 

Clothes: shirts, hoodies, socks, kimono, ninja outfits, cosplay, 

Accessories: jewelry, hair clips, Flutes, Katana letter opener, custom backpacks,

Literature: anime, manga, music

Toiletries: face masks, bidets, spa goods, 

Toys: stuffed animals, collectible figurines, kendama,shogi board game, Ghibli 

toys, POKEMON, anime figurines/toys

Tech: earbuds, phone cases,video games, build your own robot,

Room Decor: matts, kitchen utensils, bowls, ceramics, futons, furniture, katana sword, Shinto decoration, 

Other: Chopsticks

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